Energy is the Medicine

Your body’s energy systems know exactly how to mobilize life energy to respond to all kinds of illnesses and threats. But very often, this access is blocked by our stressful everyday life. Energy Healing can bring this back into flow and gifts this way the body with new life forces Read more

Energy is my working tool

Energy comes from the Greek word “energia” and means “effective force”. I see myself as a mediator to open for you the door to this world, the world to your energy body, which is hardly ever taken in consideration, but is so very important for a healthy life Read More

Energy changes lifes

You wonder how energy should change your life? It may sound banal, but it starts with your health! Fears, negative thoughts & emotions have a low energy frequency and thus lower your vitality and your vibration. This reduces your capacity to attract good things to you Read more

Happy Flow Treatments

From a different perspective than traditional medicine, energy medicine works at all levels at the roots of the cause. Only when the basic motive is removed can real recovery become possible! We mostly look only at our physical body and forget the energy body. By addressing the needs of the energy body, harmonizing blockages, and increasing the flow of energy, we have a direct path to feeling better, thinking better, being fitter, healthier and happier. Do you want to live pain free? Overcome fears? Let go of stress? Have strength & energy for your life? Then click in the pictures for more information on the topic

Overcome Fear & Anxiety

and boost your Self Confidence

Get Power & Energy back

and live a life on High Vibes

Detox Body & Mind

the very best Health Foundation!

Living Painfree

in a Healthy Body

Find Joy & Happiness

and the life of your dreams

Say Goodbye to Stress

important for a Healhty & Happy life

About me

My name is Bettina. I am a Modern Energist. I specialize in human emotions and especially modern stress management. Emotions are “cries for help” of a stressed energy body, to point out, that something is not working as it should. That is what I’m doing, working on your energy body.
I am a certified BodyTalker, EFT & Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner and Reiki master and I enjoy integrating these different techniques of Energy into my client’s recovery process to get into a Happy Flow. My mission is to inspire and guide you to find health on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. I support people and animals on their way to true well-being.

Recommendations of Satisfied Customers

"Bettina has helped me to achieve a strong health and profound personal growth. I highly recommend working with her"
Lisa, Ourika Valley, Marrakech
"Bettina assisted me prioritize goals to help me reach my full Health potential. Her Energy Healing Therapy are well worth the time and investment."
Mounaime, Rabat Ville
"Bettina's services as a Health coach have been invaluable in helping me to better understand my body, my energy system and the connection to my personal life"
Fatim-Zahra, Agadir
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