Find Solutions to your Health Problems

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Health problems? You are desperate for Solutions? 

Happy Flow Energy Healing can help and change your life! Find out how …..  


Do you want a healthy life?       Do you want Joy & Happiness        Are you ready to get it?

Whatever  you expect & wish from your life – it all starts with your health!

(already said the greek doctor Herophilos ca 335 BC)

Now, if you want to change your life – what has Happy Flow Energy Healing got to do with all that?

Well, it may sound too simple, but it all starts with your health! If you have pains, if you are stressed or your life is overshaded with fears, sorrows and anxieties – it is very difficult to feel joyfull or happy – and making changes is almost impossible while in negative frequencies. Why is that?

Fears, negative thoughts and emotions have a low energy vibration (since everything in the Universe is made up of energy, including us) and so will drag down your vitality and the vibration of your entire being. This reduces your capacity to attract good things to you, as you can only attract things to you that are in alignment with your own vibrations.

Our personal energies are delicately balanced and we can become sick or feel “not quite right” when our energy flows are disturbed or blocked.  Those imbalances  result from both internal and external factors. When the energy supply is disrupted, due to stress, traumas, programming, negative thoughts and emotions, the organs and systems are less able to function, to communicate and therefore to defend against diseases and injuries. If our energy systems are disrupted or blocked we are less able to cope, we feel stressed, which in turn has a negative impact on our physical systems. Over a prolonged period this leads to  health problems and that lead to everything else.

In the same way our energy systems determines our health it also establishs our mental, emotional & spiritual wellbeing!

We have no energy and power, we are stressed, we are overwhelmed, anxious, unfullfillet and unhappy – and nothing goes the way you wish.  Does that sound somehow familar to you? Well, if you have read that far and you are not having the health and the life you wish for, it is probably time to do something about it!  Be aware that everything can change!

Happy Flow Energy Healing  can help you to find the answers within you and give you the energy you need to make changes. You wonder how? By working with the energy system we can access all levels of the mind, body and spirit and achieve a holistic healing.

If our energy systems are clear and balanced we will be in a better position to deal again with all circumstances of our life

Are you ready to change your life? Are you ready for Joy and Happiness?  Are You ready to say “YES!”

Healing is an inside job!
Do you want to find profound health? Deep joy and lasting happiness? It is a commitment, it is a way of thinking and living, acting and talking, taking and giving – but I can promise you – if you have the courage to commit yourself (and commitment must not always hurt – it can be be pleasant and joyful …) you will live your miracles!

The work of energy healing unfolds its greatest potential when a person decides to listen to his body, hear his heart & soul and turn to its inner voice. I like to work with people who know that they are the master architects of their own lives because without your commitment – absolutely nothing will happen. The changes you can achieve with Energy Therapy can be called miracles – but it is not a small pill to take and 30 minutes later your pains, fears or unhappiness are gone (repressing a disease with medication is far from beneficial to a true healing process and is considered harmful rather than favorable.) Healing is a way, a way of life but once started this path you will find the life filled with Joy, Love &  Happiness

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