Living Painfree

Is Living Painfree a dream for you?

Is pain is a regular or event constant companion in your life? Pain and Disease is our body’s mechanism of telling us that our energy is not flowing harmoniously and that something is not working in our lives. It is a cry. Once we are aware of this “law”, we can regard pain or illness in a more positive light, so long as we then act upon it and make appropriate changes necessary to heal. Energy healing can be a remarkably effective way to achieve natural pain relief. Pain often is caused by blocked or congested energy. Energy that has gotten stuck following an emotional or physical trauma. This energy can stay stuck and cause problems for years. If it does not get cleared and put back into flow, your pain will probably not leave you. By working with the energy system we can access all levels of the mind, body and spirit and achieve a holistic healing. If our energy systems are clear and balanced we will be in a better position to deal again with all circumstances of our life. Do you want to reconnect your Energy flow and get rid of your pains? Make an appointment

My Proposition:
Package Painfree:
Content: Happy Flow Discovery Session, Access Balances, Lymph Drainage & Emotional Release
Time Investment: up to 2h/session
Financial Investment: Single Session DHS 850/85€ Dhs,
1 Month (4×1 session/week) DHS 3000/ 300€
or ask for a personal offer tailormade to your needs

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