Overcome Fear & Anxiety

Overcoming Fear & Anxiety

Are you afraid of flying, public speaking or heights? Or, maybe you’re one of those people that fear rejection or intimate relationships. Or, you fear going to school? Your fear being successful? Or may being unsuccessful. Maybe you live with a constant feeling of uneasiness, worry and agitation. This feeling can persist for years, and gradually worsen over time. Some days are worse than others. Fear can be a healthy companion and keep us away from things not doing us any good, but today the world is filled and ruled by fears. Many not healthy.

The good news are, you can eliminate your fears fast!  You have to change your energy vibrations to high. You might have heard before of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or “tapping”?  A very effective way to literally ignite your own inner healing power. To overcome fears and boost your self confidence – Curious? Make an appointment


My Proposition:
Package Overcome Fears:
Content: Happy Flow Discovery Session, Access Balance & Emotional Release, Classic EFT Session
Time Investment: up to 2h/Session
Financial Investment: Single Session DHS 850/85€ Dhs,
Month (4x 1 session/week) DHS 3000/ 300€
or ask for a personal offer tailorade to your needs

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