Detox Body & Mind

Detox Body & Mind   

Health is not the absence of disease. Health is a physical, emotional and mental state that makes you happy, courageous and strong.  How is it with your health?

Where are you stuck? What is the nature of your barrier? Is it physical, mental, emotional? Most restrictions are a combination of all three. To affect lasting change it is important to identify and release all of the elements that are keeping you unhealthy

What can you do, to get your health back? First step – Reduce toxins in your life!

There is little point in doing any kind of treatments if the body cannot rid itself of waste and toxins. Often all your body needs to heal itself without any further cure or therapy is quite simple – get the often sluggish lymph system moving again!

When the lymph doesn’t move freely, a zone of toxicity is created. That is why it needs to be the first component to be in motion! A healthy body is a body in motion, start it with your lymph system. For the first step into a healthy life. Make an appointment for a Detox Balance, which is an extremely useful approach to lymphatic drainage that produces powerful physical and emotional shifts and puts your organism in a harmonious state and thus stimulate your self-healing powers. You want a healthy body and life? Cleanse your body – and detox your mind & life! Make an appointement you will feel so much better afterwards! It’s worth it ….

My Proposition:
Package Detox Body & Mind:
Content: Happy Flow Discovery Session, Access Balances, Lymph Drainage & Emotional Release
Time Investment: up to 2h/session
Financial Investment: Single Session DHS 850/85€ Dhs,
1 Month Detox (4×1 session/week) DHS 3000/ 300€
or ask for a personal offer tailormade to your needs

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