Frequently Asked Questions


Will You Diagnose my Medical Problem?
No, energy workers do not diagnose unless they are also licensed MDs or other individuals who can legally make a diagnosis. Our goal is to help energy flow as it should, giving your body a better opportunity to heal itself.

Energy Healing is for whom?
Energy treatments can be enjoyable and helpful for everyone including babies, pregnant women and elderly people. I also and very successfully treat domestic pets.

Why choose Energy Healing therapy?
If you want to get straight to the point of your health issues without wasting endless time and money energy healing therapy is a great option. The advantage is its accuracy. The success of energy treatment is attributed to the precise engagement with the root cause of dysfunction and dis-ease.

Is there a risk?
Absolutely none! There are never any side effects and  Everyone can only benefit!

I’ve Decided to Try Energy Work — Should I Stop Seeing My Doctor?
Absolutely not. Continue to see your doctor and follow the doctor’s recommendations. Energy workers do not claim to cure disease and we do not prescribe medications. Do monitor your progress with your doctor, because we have seen instances where medications can be reduced, but that’s a decision between you and your licensed medical practitioner.

How Many Energetic Appointments Will I Need?
There’s no single answer to that question…. it depends. We never tell you that you must have ‘X’ number of appointments to feel better. Instead, we ask that you pay attention to how you feel before a session and monitor the results afterwards. If you decide to pursue additional energy work, we’re here to help.

What Types of Energy Work Does Bettina Provide?
Bettina  is a Bodytalk & EFT Practitioner, a Reiki master  and a Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner
Expect your sessions to be a combination of modalities pulled from a toolbox of techniques that suit your specific needs.

Can Energy Work Be Done from a Distance?
Yes, it is actually my favorite way to work. In fact, very often I sit across the room from you even if you opt for an in-person visit.

Does Distance Healing Work?
The answer to this question is YES! Distance healing works equally as well as an in person healing session. In my practice I love doing the telephone healing sessions because all I have to work with is the energy body. I like this because I am less likely to be distracted by the physical body and often get extremely accurate readings with just as positive results as I do when you come into the office for a session.

Any more questions? Do not hesitate to ask, just send me an email with anything you’ d like to know or make an appointment

Note: Energy work is not a substitute for medical treatment and practitioners do not diagnose conditions, offer medical advice or prescribe medications. If you have a known medical condition, or suspect that a condition exists, please see a licensed M.D. or other medical professional.